Shelter services are provided free of charge and intended for all victims of domestic violence or those at risk of it, regardless of gender and age.  A shelter is meant to be a short-term place of safety for the duration of an acute crisis. It provides immediate emergency aid, round-the-clock secured living, and psychosocial support, counselling and guidance in acute situations. A shelter offers victims of domestic violence the opportunity to discuss their situation in private with a domestic violence counsellor.

In addition to emergency aid, a shelter provides support and information in practical matters.  Minors stay at the shelter with their parent.

Personnel is available at the shelter around the clock. The shelter personnel answers telephone calls concerning domestic abuse round the clock. The caller’s risk of domestic violence or an act of violence that has already occurred is assessed over the phone. The caller is taken in as a shelter client or referred to other aid services. The nationwide Nollalinja telephone service directs clients to violence prevention services as well. The Nollalinja website provides on-call personnel and shelter employees with real-time information on the availability of shelters across Finland.

Shelters cooperate with social welfare authorities, especially child welfare workers with whom shelter personnel works whenever a parent/family with children is seeking help. Social welfare services for adults are an important partner when working with clients who need support in making housing arrangements.

Hertta Shelter

tel. 09 4777 180 enquiries 24/7

Has 14 family places, is located on the second and third floor of a block in Herttoniemi, Helsinki. The address is Työnjohtajankatu 7 C, 00880 Helsinki.

The shelter facilities are accessible, however, the building is not completely accessible because there are construction sites near the building. In addition, the shelter does not have disabled parking spaces.

Tilkka Shelter

tel. 050 565 0636 enquiries 24/7

Has seven family places, is located on the ninth floor of the Tilkka hospital building in Pikku Huopalahti. The address is Mannerheimintie 164 B, 9th floor, 00300 Helsinki.

Pellas Shelter

tel. 040 457 3840 enquiries 24/7

Has seven family places, is located in the facilities of the Deaconess Foundation of Helsinki at Kuninkaantie 40 A, 02940 Espoo.

Pellas Shelter has a car park near the entrance but the car park does not have disabled parking spaces. The entrance is accessible and the doorway is 1,000 mm wide. There are no stairs or thresholds at the entrance. Clients can be picked up and dropped off directly at the front of the shelter entrance. Pellas Shelter does not have stairways or lifts. The common area is open and all surfaces are smooth. Clients who use aids can easily move around the common area. The bedroom doorways are 810 mm wide, which might cause problems for persons with reduced mobility. The bedroom furniture can be rearranged to make moving around the room easier for a client with reduced mobility. The bathrooms are spacious, but the doorways are 810 mm wide. The shelter personnel is happy to help with accessibility issues. Our goal is to provide safety for all who need it.

Kilpola Housing Unit

is located at Kilpolantie 2, 00940 Helsinki. The unit has a total of 18 flats, 4 one-room flats and 14 two-room flats.

Person on call, tel. 050 331 6528 (Monday–Tuesday 2–4 pm and Wednesday–Friday 9:30–11:30 am)  or

Social Worker in Charge Oluwakemi Ariyo, tel. 050 591 4650
Social Counsellor Hanne Kho, tel. 050 5643392
Social Counsellor Satu Leppänen, tel. 050 324 9178
Social Counsellor, Children and Adolescents Sini Alatalo-Abubakar, tel. 040 457 8207

The objective of the Kilpola Housing Unit is to support independent living and help clients build and establish a violence-free life through the means of supported accommodation. Clients can enter the unit after living in a shelter, but non-Helsinki clients can move to the unit also directly from their home.

but non-Helsinki clients can move to the unit also directly from their home.

Both adult and child clients get professional support for their mental well-being and coping, as well as in taking care of practical matters. Each client is prepared a service plan together with the client themselves and social welfare authorities. The housing unit assigns each client a social counsellor with whom they meet on a weekly basis. In addition, the clients have access to on-call services to take care of acute matters. The housing unit employees are generally present at the unit on weekdays from 9 am to 4:30 pm.

The clients sign a tenancy agreement and they may apply for housing allowance and basic income support. The City of Helsinki’s short-term housing committee determines how long the client can live in the housing unit.

The Domestic Violence Counselling Unit

is located at Kilpolantie 2, 00940 Helsinki.

The services are provided free of charge.

The Domestic Violence Counselling Unit provides conversational support for all family members, victims and offenders – whether they be men, women, or nonbinary, children or adolescents – when a family is experiencing or has experienced domestic violence or the threat of it.

The purpose of the unit is to identify and prevent violence as well as help people process their experiences of violence. The working methods include individual, couple and family therapy, various group activities, and collaboration with other professional operators who help families. Domestic violence counsellors work with both the victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. Couples can seek help together. The Domestic Violence Counselling Unit also supports the children of adult clients and gives them the opportunity to process their experiences in a safe environment.

Domestic Violence Counsellor, Supervisor Ilkka Määttä, tel. 050 301 0748 (Finnish)
Domestic Violence Counsellor (adults) Krista Gleisner, tel. 050 324 9168 (Finnish)
Domestic Violence Counsellor (adults) Henna Latva-Käyrä, tel. 050 407 3968 (Finnish and English)
Domestic Violence Counsellor (adults) Maria Siljander, tel. 050 526 0344 (Swedish, Finnish and English)
Domestic Violence Counsellor (adults) Anne Maijala, tel. 040 457 1449 (Finnish)
Domestic Violence Counsellor (children & young people) Anni Ketopaikka, tel. 050 592 3026 (Finnish and English)

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